Bring Your Dog to Work Day & National Adoption Day

By Britnea Botai | June 24th, 2019


Growing up I was taught to always be kind to others, to love, understand and forgive people no matter what, even when they have hurt you or have done something to upset you. Whenever I struggled with this, especially the forgiveness part, I always looked to my dog to help, because, obviously, she understood me better than anyone, especially my parents! But what she really helped me with is understanding what it means to forgive, understand and love without question. When I accidentally locked her in my bathroom for a half an hour, she still snuggled up next to me after and watched a movie. Or that time I was on the phone and left her outside in the rain for an hour, she still wagged her little nub at me when I finally remembered to let her in. The time I yelled at her for chewing up my little sisters toys when it actually turned out to be the neighbor’s dog doing it. What I’m trying to say is that she always understood that I’m not perfect and I make mistakes but she doesn’t hold it against me and she still loves me anyway. Her name is Madison and she is an English bulldog, full of wrinkles, snores, slobber and lots and lots of love.

W. Bruce Cameron, author of A Dog’s Purpose, wrote in his book, “Dogs are not allowed to choose where they live; their fate would be decided by people.” Not only do I find it important to understand the significance of this statement for the sake of the dogs you already own but also the dogs you don’t. ASPCA states that there are close to 3.3 million dogs that enter into animal shelters nationwide each year. That’s 3.3 million dogs that don’t have a home or a person to love, or for some, without food to eat! So, this year for National Bring Your Dog to Work Day, Hawkins was given the opportunity to take advantage of one of our open spaces and host different shelters and dog recues. For this community adoption event we brought in Meridian Canine Rescue, Pug Pals and Idaho Saint Bernard Rescue who each brought in adoptable dogs that we were able to aid in the search for their forever homes. We also partnered with Molly’s Healthy Pet Food Market who donated goodie bags for dogs and visitors!

Coming out of this experience and day, filled with lots of doggy licks and loves, I learned that there is no such thing as a perfect dog, because they’re all perfect in their own way. They naturally know to love and know nothing but happiness and understanding, something I strive every day to be better at. Please consider donations to any of your local shelters, if you can’t adopt, know that every dollar helps an animal without a home!

“The job of a good dog was ultimately to be with them, remaining by their sides no matter what course their lives might take.” –W. Bruce Cameron