Our multigenerational success proves the value of Return On Integrity.

They say knowledge can be taught, but expertise must be earned. With nearly 50 years of development across multifamily, retail, charter schools and storage, Hawkins has earned its reputation for exceptional real estate development across the United States. We are passionate about enhancing communities and creating places to live, learn, work and play.

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Executive Team

Brian Huffaker, President & CEO, Mindy Gronbeck, EVP, Head of Property Operations, Jeffrey A. DeVoe, EVP, Head of Development, Ryan Carlson, EVP, Head of Capital Markets

Built on the legacy of our founder Gary Hawkins, we prioritize individual and collective integrity throughout the business. Only a complete commitment to integrity can yield this level of sustained, multigenerational excellence in real estate. Because we operate with uncommon discipline, control and tenacity, we have grown with stability, strength and intention.

About Board

Board of Directors

Brian Huffaker, Sybil Hawkins, Matt Hawkins, Megan Stephens, Mark Hawkins, Gail Hawkins, Gary Hawkins, Jennifer Halker

About Founder

I never want to face someone and not be able to say, ‘I treated them fairly.'

- Gary Hawkins, Founder