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Developing exceptional multifamily communities.

Hawkins is committed to excellence in every aspect of our multifamily projects, from meticulous design and construction to creating desirable community spaces to ongoing property management.

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Each multifamily development begins with extensive planning, reflecting our dedication to crafting not just housing but also vibrant, cohesive communities.

We consider every detail, from location selection to architectural design, with a focus on creating spaces that resonate with the urban fabric and cultural nuances of the area. No matter which part of the country we're developing, our approach to finding the ideal location is the same: We prioritize job centers, proximity to retail, restaurants, schools, transportation and nearby grocery options for residents.


In addition, we believe that amenities are key in today's competitive market.

Which is why we create a wide array of modern conveniences, such as fitness centers, communal spaces and eco-friendly initiatives, all aimed at enhancing the quality of life for our residents.


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What truly sets Hawkins apart in multifamily is our strong balance sheet and financial stability.

We are easy to work with and can be nimble through each state of development, making our projects attractive to investors and capital markets alike.

AZ Laveen Baseline Loop

The Ragsdale

Phoenix, AZ | Under Construction; Q4 2024 First Delivery