Brian Huffaker

President & CEO

Brian Huffaker has been with Hawkins Companies and its affiliate Hawkins-Smith since March 1994. In January 2016 he began serving as President of Hawkins Companies and is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the company.

For the previous 10 years Brian served as Director of Development Services and then Chief Operating Officer where he oversaw all development activity per­formed by the Legal, Construction and Pre-Development departments. He was responsible for facilitating the develop­ment process in order to meet feasibility requirements, delivery obligations and client satisfaction.

After starting his career in the account­ing department, Brian transitioned to project development securing entitle­ments and project approvals. He has been providing support to the Develop­ment Partners of Hawkins Companies by coordinating the land-use and project planning entitlements in over 20 states and 140 different jurisdictions or agen­cies. Brian has also directed Hawkins Companies involvement in providing over 700,000 square feet of school facilities for public charter schools in three states.

Brian received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Boi­se State University and currently holds his CPA license in the State of Idaho


years with the company